Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital

3730 FM 2920 Suite 110
Spring, TX 77388


Feline Services 

At Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital we believe our feline patients should be treated in a special manner. In order to make your kitty feel more comfortable, we have a "For Cats Only" exam room used exclusively for feline exams. If your kitty must spend the day with us for drop-off care, all exams and treatments will be performed in our well equipped feline suite complete with luxurious cat condos and filled with natural sunlight.

Our goal is to eliminate as much stress as possible for our feline friends by keeping them away from dogs, noise, and the busier traffic flow of the hospital. In addition to medical and surgical services, we also offer help in feline behavior issues such as inappropriate elimination, litter box problems, and inter-cat aggression. In an effort to provide our feline patients with the best of care, our doctors devote their personal time acquiring continuing education in the subjects of feline medicine, surgery, and behavior.

Patches Convis
Tommy boards with us frequently and always puts on a show for his photos.