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FSVH Discount Vaccination Clinic


***It is with regret that we will have to CANCEL our DVC 4/13/19. This is the first time in 10 years that we have had to do so. We have had major software and server problems throughout the week and we are currently unable to access any patient files. Rest assured though that all of our files have redundant backups and no information will be lost. We have a large team working to get our computer systems up and running again as soon as possible. We know that this is a great inconvenience to our clients and we humbly ask for your patience and understanding while we work through these issues. We will continue to see our normally scheduled clients as planned. Thank you!***

Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital (FSVH) has a Discount Vaccination Clinic the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. FSVH created this clinic in 2008 to assist our clients and neighbors during the tough economic conditions present at that time. The DVC was so popular we continued it as a service to the community. Every pet needs and deserves their vaccinations and we want to help make that possible.

An Exam must be given with any vaccination or testing. The exam fee is $18.00, is first given by a Veterinary Assistant, and then the pet is also briefly examined by the Doctor.

Canine Vaccines

DaPPV ( Distemper Parvo ) $14
Bordetella $14
Rabies $10
Leptospirosis $12
Canine Influenza $20
Rattlesnake $15



Additional Canine Services

Heartworm Test $27.50

All dogs must have an annual heartworm test in order to receive preventative heartworm medication. ( The Heartworm test $13.75 with the purchase of 6 month supply of heartworm prevention.)


Fecal Exam $27
Microchip Implant & Registration $25.99
Nail Trim $10
Anal Gland Expression $14


Canine Packages

Adult Canine  $99
Exam, DaPPV, Bordetella, Lepto, Rabies, Canine Influenza, Heartworm Test, Dewormer
Canine Semi Annual $49
Exam, Bordetella, Lepto, and Dewormer
New Puppy Package $74
Exam, DaPPV, Bordetella, Fecal, Dewormer, 1 Month of Heartworm Prevention

Feline Vaccinations

FeLV $18
Feline Rabies $10
Feline Leukemia/FIV Test $38

Feline Packages
Adult Feline  $66
Exam, FVRCP Vaccine, FeLV Vaccine, Feline Rabies, Dewormer
Kitten Package $92
Exam, FeLV/FIV Test, FeLV Vaccine, FVRCP Vaccine, Fecal, Dewormer, 1 Month Flea/Heartworm Prevention


Products We Recommend

Heartworm Prevention

Heartgard Plus

ProHeart6 Injection

Flea/Tick Control



Heartworm Prevention and Flea Control Combined

Feline Revolution

Nutritional Supplements


Dental CETchews