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Dental Prophylaxis

Your pet's professional dental cleaning is performed under anesthesia. It includes the removal of tartar and plaque, scaling of teeth, and polishing of teeth. We have oral x-ray capabilities to obtain radiographs of your pet's teeth, enabling us to see at the root and surrounding tissue of each tooth below the gum line. All FSVH pets undergoing a dental cleaning are closely monitored by both doctor and veterinary technician using state of the art monitoring devices throughout the entire process.

Bad breath is one of the most obvious signs of dental disease. Your dog's bad breath is caused by tartar and bacteria build up in the teeth and gums. Dental disease can cause discomfort in your pet, and lead to a more serious disease as the bacteria in the mouth eventually reaches the pet's blood supply, affecting other organs, such as the liver and kidneys. The best way to slow down the build of plaque and tartar is to brush your pet's teeth. Next time you visit us, ask one of our technicians to show you how to properly and safely brush your pets teeth.